How to Insert Flow Without Adding (1) to Each Step Name

Published: 22 Jun 2023
Last Modified Date: 26 Jun 2023


When inserting other flow to an existing flow or copying steps, (1) is added at the end of each step name. Is there a way to avoid (1) being added at the end?

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  • Tableau Prep Builder


By grouping the steps to be reused, each step name can be inserted without (1) appended.

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1. Open the flow you want to reuse and use the Group option to compartmentalize sections following the instructions of the website below.
    Group steps
2. Right-click the group and select Save Steps as Flow > Save to File. Save it anywhere you want.
3. Open a target flow and insert the saved flow following the instructions of the website below.
    Insert reusable steps in a flow

Note: When inserting the grouped flow, the group name is inserted with (1).
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