How to Highlight Data Based on the Selection of Another Worksheet

Published: 27 Oct 2021
Last Modified Date: 27 Oct 2021


How to highlight data on one worksheet based on the selections from another worksheet on the dashboard.

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  • Tableau Desktop


Use Set Action
Please refer to the steps below and find the attached sample workbook "HighlightDataExample.twbx" for more details.
1. Create a set [1. Category Set] from [Category] field
(1) Right click on [Category] and click [Create]>[Set] on menu.
* - [Create Sets]

(2) On the editing window of Set, click on [All] button to select all members and click [OK] to save the changes.

2. Create a calculation field :[2. Subcategory Related to Selected Category]
IF [1. Category Set] THEN [Sub-Category] END

3. Create a calculation field : [3. Highlight Option]
IF ISNULL([2. Subcategory Related to Selected Category]) 
THEN "Blue"
ELSE "Orange"

4. Move to Dashboards.
(1) Click on menu [Dashboard] > [Actions]
(2) Click on [Add Action] > [Change Set Values] on Actions Editing page
(3) Set the options like below
- Name: Set Action
- Source Sheets: SourceSheet
- Target Set: 1. Category Set
- Running the action will: Assign values to set
- Clearing the selection will: Remove all values from set.
* -[Create a Set Action]

5. Move to [TargetSheet] worksheet
(1) Add [3. Highlight Option] to Color mark card
(2) Edit the color legend.

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