How to Highlight an Entire Row in a View

Published: 14 Sep 2022
Last Modified Date: 14 Sep 2022


How to highlight an entire view in a crosstab


  • Tableau Desktop 


1. Create a parameter 
Name: Select a category
Date type: String
List of values: click on [Add values from] >select [category] from the list

2. Create a calculation field named [Color a row]
[Select a category]=[Category]

3. Add [Color a row] as the first column to the left to Rows shelf.

4.  Format Shading by clicking on the menu [Format] > [Shading]
on the tab of [Sheet], under "Row banging"
(1) Select desired color under "Pane" and "Header" menu.
(2) Set  “Level” to 0 and “Band size” to 1

5. Hide the header by right clicking on "Color a row" on Rows shelf and uncheck the "Show Header".

6. Show parameter by right clicking on [Select a category] 

7. Select a category to check the highlight condition.

*Please check the attached "Sample.twbx" for further details.

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