How to Hide Null Rows in a Selected Column

Published: 17 Jan 2024
Last Modified Date: 17 Jan 2024


Is it possible to hide only the rows that contain null in a particular column?

For example, if we would like to hide only the null row for the Manufacturer of "3M" in the following view, how can it be achieved?

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  • Tableau Desktop


Follow along in the sample packaged workbook found in the Attachments section to review the steps below.

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1. Add Manufacturer to Columns.
2. Add Category and Sub-Category to Rows.
3. Add SUM(Sales) to Text.
4. Right-click Manufacturer in the Data pane and select Create > Set. Name it Select Manufacturer to Exclude Null Rows.
 User-added image
5. Add Sub-Category to Filters shelf. Open Condition tab, choose By formula: option, and enter the following formula.
MAX([Select Manufacturer to Exclude Null Rows]) AND NOT ISNULL(SUM([Sales]))
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6. Right-click Select Manufacturer to Exclude Null Rows in the Data pane, and select Show Set.
7. Change the set control to single-value selection mode from the following location.
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8. Select any value in the Select Manufacturer to Exclude Null Rows set control. Then, null rows are hidden in the selected Manufacturer column.
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