How to Change the Email Address that Was Entered Upon Registration of Tableau Desktop

Published: 25 Apr 2018
Last Modified Date: 28 Sep 2020


How to change a personal email address used in the Activate Tableau Registration box to a corporate email registration address for a work computer running Tableau Desktop.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Windows 10


Steps to activate a Tableau Desktop product key using a different email address than previously used to activate the key:
  1. Open Tableau Desktop, choose Help from the main menu > Manage Product Keys.
  2. In the Manage Product Keys window, highlight the key by clicking on the product key field.
  3. Copy the key and paste in a location such as Notepad for your future use.
  4. In the Manage Product Keys window, select Deactivate.
    • This message will appear: You have deactivated all licenses for this product on this machine. The product will no longer function until you activate another license.
  5. Exit the message to return to the Manage Product Keys window.
  6. Close Tableau Desktop.
  7. Reopen Tableau Desktop.
  8. A Registration window will appear in which you may update your email address.
  9. Click Activate.
  10. When prompted, enter your Tableau Desktop product key that had been copied in Step 3 above.
If multiple versions of Tableau Desktop are installed on the computer, each version will need to be opened in a fresh instance. The registration page with the text field for your email address and an OK button will appear for each different major version of Tableau Desktop when opened.
  • For each version, verify that the desired email address is entered and select OK.
  • A window that shows, Registration/Start using the product./Registration completed./Continue will appear.
  • Select Continue.

Additional Information

If you receive a message window to begin a trial of Tableau Desktop, use the 'Activate Tableau' hyperlink which appears next to the text, Have a product key?, at the top on the window.

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