How to Group Multiple Measure Fields and Add Them in to View Together at Once?

Published: 02 Aug 2022
Last Modified Date: 02 Aug 2022


How to group (package) multiple measure fields and add them into view together?
For example, group [Sales] [Profit] [Quantity] fields and add them into view at the same time.
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  • Tableau Desktop


The ability to group (package) multiple measure fields are not currently built into Tableau Desktop.
Please consider the following workarounds.

Option 1
Make a folder to group the measure fields and select multiple fields together using the "Shift" key and add them to the view.
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Option 2
After adding "Measure Names" and "Measure Values" to the view, edit the filter for "Measure Names" and select only the appropriate fields.
Please refer to the figure below for the filter settings.
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Please also refer to the attached workbook for details.

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