How to Retrieve all Event Data for Each Workbook on Tableau Server using Workgroups Database

Published: 12 Dec 2023
Last Modified Date: 09 Jan 2024


How to get all historical event data for a workbook in Tableau Server?


  • Tableau Server


To access audit data for all workbooks on the Tableau Server, ensure the following steps are completed as prerequisites:

  • Enable the Repository: Ensure that the Tableau server repository is enabled to facilitate the retrieval of comprehensive audit data.
  • Connect to the Tableau Server Repository: To access data from the Tableau Server repository in Tableau Desktop or Server, you may need to install the PostgreSQL driver as noted in the Tableau Online Help.

Follow the below  steps:

1. Begin by creating a new workbook.
2. Connect to the repository using the PostgreSQL driver.
3. Craft a custom SQL query.
4. Paste the SQL code into the designated area.
SELECT as User, as Event, as Workbook,

 c.created_at as Date

 FROM historical_events c,

 historical_event_types d,

 hist_users a,

 hist_workbooks b

where c.hist_workbook_id =

and c.hist_actor_user_id =

and c.historical_event_type_id=d.type_id

order by,
5. Create a sheet and arrange dimensions and measures according to your needs. Customize the view as desired, and apply filters based on specific requirements. Refer to the below snapshot as an example.

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