How to fix The Number of Bins Despite of Changing Filter

Published: 11 Mar 2022
Last Modified Date: 13 Mar 2022


How to fix the number of bins despite of changing filter.


Tableau Desktop


1. Create parameter [Number of bins]
User-added image

2. Create parameter [Bin size]
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3. Create parameter [Category]
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4. Create parameter [Filter]
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5. Create calculation field [Bin size]
({ FIXED [Category]:MAX([Profit])}-{ FIXED [Category]:MIN([Profit])})/[Number of bins]

6. Create calculation field [Apply button]

7. Create calculation field [Apply button filter]


8. Create calculation field [Filter]


9. Add [Filter] to Filters in histogram, select [True]

10. Right click on the bin > Edit...

11. Set [Bin size] as Size of bins 

12. Create new worksheet [Apply button]
  • Drag [Category] and [Bin size] to Detail
  • Drag [Apply button] to Text
  • Drag [Apply button filter] to Filters, select [True]
  • Hide Tooltip
13. Create new dashboard and add histogram and apply button worksheet

14. Create following parameter actions
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User-added image

15. Use [Category] parameter to change filter and Click 'Apply' after selecting filter item and setting number of bins
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