How to Find My Desktop Key in the Tableau Customer Portal

Published: 18 Nov 2023
Last Modified Date: 20 Nov 2023


How do I know what key to activate on Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder?

Have you recently purchased a Tableau Creator to use Tableau Desktop and cannot find any keys in the Tableau Customer Portal?

Is there no way to use Tableau Desktop without a Cloud site or Server On Premise?


Tableau Desktop
Tableau Prep Builder


If you are a student, teacher, or setting up a University lab, there is no Tableau Customer Portal Account and keys will be issued via email.  Please see this information for further assistance.

When purchasing a Tableau Creator for individuals, you will use the Tableau Desktop/Prep activation option to "sign in to a server" (LBLM) and no product key will be used to activate Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder.  There will be no Desktop key showing in the Tableau Customer Portal.  A Tableau Server or a Tableau Cloud site must be initiated in order to use Tableau Desktop.  For more information on getting started with your Tableau Cloud site, please see this step-by-step process.

Legacy Customers

If your organization has not moved over to Login-based License Management and are still using individually assigned product keys or licenses, the key will be in the Tableau Customer Portal under the Licenses tab.

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1. Log in to the Tableau Customer Portal.
2. Select Licenses.
3. A table will open to list any product key(s) assigned.  

If there is a Tableau Creator license showing and no key associated with the purchase, then you are to activate by signing in to a server.  The ability to purchase Creator seats that do not engage either a Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server installation is no longer available.  If you believe there should be a Tableau Desktop key listed on the Licenses page, please talk with your local Tableau Administrator or if not at a large company, please email for further assistance.

Additional Information

Desktop Key Configuration

Tableau Desktop or Prep Builder keys will start with the letters "TC" and activates both products. Further information is available in "Find Your Product Key" in the Tableau Online Help.

Portal Administrators

If you are a Tableau Customer Portal Administrator, the Licenses table will list all licenses purchased for your organization.  It is also possible to view product keys by Deployment.  Please see Manage Product Keys for more information.
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