How To Filter the Tool-Tip View Without Filtering Underlying Data

Published: 03 Jul 2021
Last Modified Date: 06 Jul 2021


If the Viz in Tooltip is calculated based on a table calculation, the Viz shown in tooltip will be different from what's shown in the real worksheet.
Table calculation data field can not be used as a tooltip filter at this moment. 


  • Tableau Desktop


Create the Bar graph to filter tooltip view
  1. Add [Order Date] to Columns, select Year(Order Date)
  2. Add [Category] to Columns
  3. Add [Sales] to Rows
Create the tooltip view Year on Year
  1. Add [Order Date] to Columns, select Year(Order Date)
  2. Add [Category], [Sub-Category] to Rows
  3. Add [Sales] to Text
  4. Right click [Sales], select Add Table Calculation
  • Calculation Type: Percent From
  • Compute Using: Table (across)
Create a table calculation filter to filter tooltip view Year on Year
  1. Create calculation field Year_Order Date
    DATEPART('year', [Order Date])
  2. Create Parameter Parameter YearUser-added image
  3. Create calculation field T_Filter_Year
    lookup(attr([Year_Order Date]),0)=[Parameter Year]
  4. Go to Sheet Year on Year
  5. Add T_Filter_Year to the Filters card, select True
Add worksheet Year on Year as the tooltip view of Bar graph
  1. Go to worksheet Bar graph
  2. Select Tooltip, select Insert > Sheets > Year on Year
  3. Delete <All Fields> from filter=""User-added image
Combine the above 2 views in dashboard
  1. Create a new dashboard
  2. Add worksheet Bar graph to the dashboard
  3. Select Dashboard > Actions > Add Action > Change Parameter
  • Target Parameter: Parameter Year
  • Run action on: Hover
  • Field Year(Order Date)
  • Aggregation: NoneUser-added image
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