How to Filter Running Total Results And Grand Total Using Year And Month Parameters

Published: 03 Jun 2022
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


How to filter running total results and grand total using year and month parameters in cross-tab.



  • Tableau Desktop 
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Oracle


The following is an example of displaying running total sales and grand total by region and category from January of the relevant year to the specific month when the year and month parameters are changed.

1.Create a parameter as follows and name it Year.
User-added image
2.Create a parameter as follows and name it Month.
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3.Right click the Year parameter and click Show Parameter.
4.Right click the Month parameter and click Show Parameter.
5.Create a calculated field and name it Running Total Sales.
6.Create a calculated field and name it Running Total Sales (Filtered).
IF FIRST() = 0
    IF LOOKUP(ATTR(DATEPART('year',[Order Date])),0) = DATEPART('year',[Year]) AND
       LOOKUP(ATTR(DATEPART('month',[Order Date])),0) = DATEPART('month',[Month])
       [Running Total Sales]
7.Right click Order Date and click Duplicate.
8.Place Category to rows.
9.Place discrete YEAR(Order Date) to columns.
10.Place discrete MONTH(Order Date) to columns.
11.Place Region to columns.
12.Place discrete YEAR(Order Date (copy)) to Detail on the Marks card.
13.Place discrete MONTH(Order Date (copy)) to Detail on the Marks card.
14.Place Running Total Sales to Label on the Marks card.
15.Right click the Running Total Sales on the Marks card and click Edit Table Calculation.
16.Change the setting as follows.
User-added imageUser-added image
17.Create a calculated field and name it Filter.
LOOKUP(ATTR(DATEPART('year',[Order Date])),0) = DATEPART('year',[Year]) AND
LOOKUP(ATTR(DATEPART('month',[Order Date])),0) = DATEPART('month',[Month])
18.Place Filter to Filters card and only check True.
19.Click Analysis > Totals > Show Row Grand Total
20.Click Analysis > Totals > Row Totals to Left.
21.Click Analysis > Stack Marks > Off
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