How to Export all the values of filter /parameter to PDF / CSV / PNG using tabcmd in Tableau Desktop

Published: 26 May 2022
Last Modified Date: 27 May 2022


How to export PDF/ CSV / PNG for all the values of Filter / Parameter in bulk in Tableau Desktop?
For now, you could export views as PDF/ CSV / PNG, but you could only do it manually. How to export multiple files for all values in Filter / Parameter?
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The ability to export PDF/ CSV / PNG for all the values of Filter / Parameter in bulk is not currently built into Tableau Desktop.

Please consider the workaround:
Publish the workbooks to Tableau Server / Tableau Cloud, create a command to set the Filter / Parameter values with tabcmd, and output to multiple PDFs in one batch.

The steps are as below:
1. Publish the relevant workbook to Tableau Server / Tableau Cloud.

2. Download and Install tabcmd from
Select your Tableau Server / Tableau Cloud release.

3. Once installed, navigate to the published view in your browser, and copy the URL string between the end of "views/" and the beginning of "?". 
In the following case, it should be "Sales/Sales_Analysis". This is the name of the view to be exported.

4. Refer to the online help below and create a batch file (.bat file) to output to PDF/ CSV / PNG by specifying each value of the Filter / Parameter in a text editor.
[tabcmd command - export]

Example of part of the batch file: (Region is the filter value) Specify the option for PDF, CSV, or PNG.
cd /d C:\Tabcmd\Command Line Utility
tabcmd export -t Sales "Sales/Sales_Analysis?Region=Region1" --pdf -f "C:\Tableau_Workbooks\Weekly-Reports1.pdf" 
tabcmd export -t Sales "Sales/Sales_Analysis?Region=Region2" --pdf -f "C:\Tableau_Workbooks\Weekly-Reports2.pdf" 
*Copy this .bat file to the directory where you want to save the export file.

5. Double-click the .bat file to run the batch script and export multiple files in bulk.
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