How to Display Week Number by Month

Published: 01 Oct 2019
Last Modified Date: 24 Aug 2022


How to display week number by month. By default week number is displayed by year. 


Tableau Desktop


The following steps are displayed in the attached workbook called "week_sample.twbx" found in the upper right hand corner of this page. A fixed Level of Detail (LOD) expression is used.
  1. Create a [Week-min] calculation field as shown below: { FIXED MONTH([Order Date]):MIN(DATEPART('week',[Order Date]))}

  2. Create a [Week-updated] calculation field as shown below CASE DATEPART('week',[Order Date]) WHEN [Week-min] THEN "Week 1" WHEN [Week-min]+1 THEN "Week 2" WHEN [Week-min]+2 THEN "Week 3" WHEN [Week-min]+3 THEN "Week 4" WHEN [Week-min]+4 THEN "Week 5" WHEN [Week-min]+5 THEN "Week 6" END
Note: The attached workbook was built in Tableau Desktop 2019.3.0.

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