How to display the corresponding image when a dimension is selected

Published: 16 Aug 2022
Last Modified Date: 17 Aug 2022


How to display the corresponding image when an dimension is selected.

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  • Tableau Desktop


<STEP 1>
Creating a chart to select
1. Launch Tableau Desktop and connect to attached sample data source.
2. Drag [Fruits] to Color in the Marks .
3. Drag [Labels] to Color in the Marks .
4. Drag [Sales] to Size in the Marks .

Creating the Sheet showing image
5. Create a new sheet named IMAGE and move to the sheet.
6. Create a new calculated field as following.
     Name : DUMMY
     Calculation : 0
7. Drag [DUMMY] to Rows and Columns
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8. Right click on [DUMMY] on Rows and Columns -> Click on Show Header to hide it.    
9. Drag [Fruits] to Shape in the Mark

<STEP 2>
Import images
10. Open the following folder in Explorer.
       C:\Users\<User Name>\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Shape
11. Create a new folder named "Fruits" and save the images in the folder.
12. In the workbook , click on Shape ->  Click on Reload Shapes
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13.  Select "Fruits" from the pull-down menu
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14. Select a fruit name > Select a corresponding image
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15. Click "Size" in "Mark Card" > Set to maximum
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16. Set display setting to "Entire View".
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<STEP 3>
Deletion of axis line
17. Tool bar -> Format -> Lines
18. Set Zero Lines color to white.
      Set Axis Rulers color to white.
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<STEP 4>
Action Filter Settings
19. Go to Sheet 1 -> Toolbar -> Worksheet -> Actions -> Add Action -> Filter
20. Add a Filter action as following.
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<STEP 5>
Create a new dashboard
21. Create a new dashboard
22. Add two sheets on the dashboard.
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