How to Display Multiple Tooltips at the Same Time

Published: 03 Dec 2022
Last Modified Date: 09 Dec 2022


How to show multiple tooltips at the same time?
Generally, the tooltip can be displayed immediately or at a point in time, but it disappears as soon as the mouse is shifted or something, which makes it impossible to display multiple tooltips at the same time.
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  • Tableau Desktop


The ability to show multiple tooltips at the same time is not currently built into Tableau Desktop.
Please consider the following workarounds to show multiple tooltip info at the same time.

Option 1: Use the Highlight function to show multiple info
1. Add a dimension in [Mark] card and right-click it, select [Show Highlighter].
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2. Add some fields in the [Label] card and set Label as [Highlighted].
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3. Then choose one item in the Highlight bar, multiple pieces of info will show in the graph.
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Option 2: Add multiple info below the Sheet Name
1. Make multiple calculations like the below and add them in [Detail] Mark.
IF YEAR([Order Date])=2019 AND [Category]="Furniture"
THEN [Sales]
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2. Double-click the sheet name and add the measures below the sheet name like the image below
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3. Now multiple info should be displayed in the view all the time.
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Option 3: Add annotation for multiple graphs
1. Right-click the graph that you want to check the details, and select [Annotate]
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2. Add annotations for multiple graphs
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Please also check the attached workbook for details.

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