How to display first name and last instead of email on Site Users list on Tableau Cloud when using SAML with Salesforce IdP

Published: 11 Aug 2023
Last Modified Date: 09 Nov 2023


Display Name shows the email address instead of FirstName and LastName when using Salesforce as SAML IdP
Is it possible to change it to display the FirstName and the LastName?


  • Tableau Cloud
  • Salesforce IdP


Email is the default mapping when Salesforce and Tableau Cloud are linked, so email is displayed in the user list on the Tableau Cloud side by default.
You will need to update the assertion on the IdP side to map the first and last name so that these values are captured on the Tableau Cloud side.

1. Log in to Salesforce and click Setup from the gear icon on the top right
2. Enter app in the Quick Find box on the upper left and click App Manager
3. Find the Connected app you used to set up Salesforce SAML, click it and select View from the drop-down list.
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4. Under Custom Attributes, click New and create your custom attributes.
    For details of custom attributes please check the following Salesforce documents.
    Add Custom Attributes to a Connected App [Salesforce Help]
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5. Since the following are added as attributes on the Tableau Cloud side, change your display name settings to use the custom attributes.
6. After logging out from the IdP and logging back in, check if your display name is changed.
    If you cannot confirm the change, try use a different browser or clear your browser cookies and cache and logging back in again.


Additional Information

Available assertions for display name could be confirmed via "Test Connection" under SAML settings.
Custom attributes will be available once it is added to the Connected App using for your SAML configuration.
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