How To Customize the Color of the Bar When Marks Are Selected

Published: 01 Feb 2024
Last Modified Date: 01 Feb 2024


How To Change the Color When Marks Are Selected.

Before selected:

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After selected:

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  • Tableau Desktop


1. Drag [Category] to [Rows] and [Sales] to [Columns].

2. Drag [Sales] to [Columns] again.

3. In mark card SUM(Sales)(2) drag [Category] to [Color] and configure colors as desired.

4. In mark card SUM(Sales)(2) click on [Color] and set [Opacity] to 0%.

5. Right click on axis Sales and click Dual Axis.

6. Right click on axis Sales and click Synchronize Axis.

6. Change All mark type to Bar.

7. Right click on top axis Sales and uncheck Show Header.

8. In mark card SUM(Sales) click on [Color] and configure color as desired.
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