How to Create Panel Chart Showing a Pie Chart

Published: 16 Jun 2023
Last Modified Date: 16 Jun 2023


How to create a panel style chart with pie charts all side by side for comparison.

The example below shows a pie chart of Sales by Subcategory, segmented by Region.

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  • Tableau Desktop


Please follow along with the attached sample workbook to the right of this text in the Attachments section.

Step 1

Connect to the sample data and create two calculated fields.

1. Connect to the Sample Superstore data from Tableau Desktop.
2. Create a new calculated field as follows:
     Name : Columns Size
     Calculation : int( (index()-1)/(round(sqrt(size()))))
3. Create a new calculated field as follows:
     Name : Rows Size
     Calculation : (index()-1)%(round(sqrt(size())))


Create a panel chart.

4. On the Marks card, change the mark type to Pie.
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5. Drag Sales to Angle on Marks.
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6. Drag Region to Color on Marks.
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7. Drag Sub-Category to Detail on Marks.
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8. Drag Columns Size to Columns and Rows Size to Rows.
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9. Right-click on Columns Size  placed on Columns then select Edit Table Calculation and set as follows:
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10. Right-click on Rows Size placed on Rows then select Edit Table Calculation and set as follows:
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11. Drag Sub-Category to Label on Marks.
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12. Drag Sub-Category to Filters and click OK.
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13. Right -click on Sub-Category placed on Filters and select Show Filter.
14. Right-click on Columns Size placed on Columns and select Show Header.
15. Right-click on Rows Size placed on Rows and select Show Header.
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