How To Create Horizontal Parameter Selection With Radio Buttons

Published: 05 Nov 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


Horizontal parameter selection with radio buttons.


  • Tableau Desktop


1. Create a parameter
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2. Create measure for sales value for different categories like below

Furniture Sales:
IF [Category]="Furniture" then [Sales] end

Office Supplies Sales
IF [Category]="Office Supplies" then [Sales] end

Technology Sales
IF [Category]="Technology" then [Sales] end


CASE [Parameter 2] when "Furniture" then [Furniture sales] when "Office Supplies" then [Office Supplies] when "Technology" then [Technology Sales] end

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3. Now for horizontal radio button options for category, place category on columns, uncheck header

Shape radio button
STR([Parameter 2]=[Category])+[Category]

Category on Text, Shape radio button on shape and view as entire view
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4. This will give true [Parameter 2]=[Category] on the selection so Shape radio button will give t+CategoryName as result

Create a custom pallet for radio button selected shape and unselected 

Click on Shape -> assign radio button selected to the ones that start with t and category name and unselected to f and category name.

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5. Click show parameter toggle between values and repeat the allocation process like above for the shapes

Add the sheets to dashboard 

6. Click on Dashboard ->  actions _> change parameter values
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