How To Create An Apply Button That Won't Disappear When No Records Is Selected

Published: 16 Jul 2021
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


How to create an apply button that won't disappear when no records is selected


  • Tableau Desktop 2020.3 and above


  1. Create a calculated field named Apply which contains the following:
  2. Create a new sheet  and name it Apply button.
  3. Add Apply to Rows.
  4. Change mark type to Polygon.
  5. Right click the header and select Hide Field Labels for Rows.
  6. Create another worksheet calls Set
  7. Right click the dimensions you want to filter, select Create > Set. The attached example workbook uses Category and Sub-Category from the Superstore sample data source. 
  8. Add Category Set and Sub-Category Set to filters.
  9. Right click Category Set and Sub-Category Set, select Show Set
  10. Create a calculated field named Selected Set 
    if [Category Set] and [Sub-Category Set]
    then "Apply"
  11. Create a parameter Parameter_Apply with the List of values: Apply, All
  12. Create a calculated field named Filter
    [Parameter_Apply]=[Selected Set] or [Parameter_Apply]="All"
  13. Add Filter to the Filters card of the original worksheet, select "True".
  14. Create a dashboard, add worksheets Sheet 1, Apply, Set to the dashboard.
  15. Select Dashboard > Actions and choose the following options:
    • Select Change Parameter Action
    • Select "Apply" for Source Sheets
    • Select Parameter "Parameter_Apply"
    • Select Field: Apply, Aggregation: None
    • Select Set value to: All
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