How to Create a View Selection Menu When Multiple Worksheets Are Included in One View

Published: 28 Jun 2022
Last Modified Date: 28 Jun 2022


How to switch between multiple worksheets in a dashboard? 

For example, selecting [Central] will show multiple worksheets related to the Central region.
When selecting [East], it will show other worksheets related to the East region.
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  • Tableau Desktop
  • Windows Server
  • Tableau Cloud


Create multiple dashboards (Central, East, etc.) and use navigation objects to transition between them.
The steps are as follows.

1. Add horizontal navigation objects on top of the dashboard.
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2. Duplicate the dashboard from step 1 and rename them. 
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3. Double-click on the navigation objects and set the destination for each.
Example: The navigation for Central will be moved to the "Central" Dashboard and the navigation for East will be moved to the "East" dashboard.
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4. Set up the navigation for each of the dashboards in the same way.

5. Add proper worksheets to each dashboard.
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6. It is possible to display the graph of the corresponding region by pressing the navigation button while holding down the Alt key in Tableau Desktop.

Please also check the attached dashboard for details.
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