How to Create a Pie Chart Based on the Results of a Logical Function Decision

Published: 03 Jul 2023
Last Modified Date: 05 Jul 2023


How to create a pie chart based on the results of a logical function decision?

For example, suppose you are determining the "High" and "Low" of sales in the following calculated field named Label.

IF SUM([Sales]) >= 10000 THEN "High"
ELSE "Low"

In a cross-tab, it works properly.
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However, it does not work when trying to display the number of customers per Label in a pie chart.
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  • Tableau Desktop


The results of Label calculated field are dynamic depending on the layout of the view. Therefore, to fix the results, we compute using FIXED LOD.
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1.Create a calculated field and name it Label (FIXED).
IF {FIXED [Customer Name] : SUM([Sales])} >= 10000 THEN "High"
ELSE "Low"
2. Open a new worksheet.
3. Change the Mark type to Pie
4. Add Label (Fixed) to Color, and add COUNTD(Customer Name) to Angle.
5. If you'd like to display Percent of Total, right-click COUNTD(Customer Name) in Angle, and add Table Calculation as follows;
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