How To Create A Column Describing The Value On Which The Table Calculation Is Based On

Published: 03 Feb 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


How to create a column describing the value that the table calculation is based on


  • Tableau Desktop


1. Create a view like below showing the difference in sales for every week from the previous year:
User-added image

2. Create a calculation called Based on value with the following formula:

STR(ATTR(YEAR([Order Date])))+"-"+STR(LOOKUP(ATTR(YEAR([Order Date])),-1))

3. Drag the Based on value calculated field in between the dimensions and change the compute using to Pane Down

User-added image

4. Ctrl drag the Based on value calculated field from rows to filters shelf and deselect the Null value:

User-added image
5. Right- click the Actual dimension for which the table calculation is calculated based upon (In this case Year[Order Date]) and deselect the Show Header option.

User-added image 

Please find the attached workbook for the solution.
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