How To Connect To Newrelic Insights Data

Published: 29 May 2020
Last Modified Date: 06 Sep 2021


How to integrate New Relic Insights Data with Tableau.


  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Desktop


The ability to natively connect to New Relic Insights from Tableau is not currently built into the product.

The following workarounds might help: 

Option 1: Use the following Web Data Connector  
Note this WDC is not officially supported by either Tableau or New Relic 
Web Data Connector

Option 2: Export the Insights data to CSV, and connect to the CSV using Tableau Desktop
Export Insights data to CSV file

Option 3: Use the Insights API to extract the data, and put it into a database which can be connected to from Tableau Desktop
Insights API

Option 4: If you just want to embed a dashboard created in Insights, you may be able to create a publicly accessible URL as per the first document below, then link to that external URL from your Tableau dashboard
Embed Insights charts in external webpages
Linking to Web Resources from a Dashboard
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