How to Confirm Daily Access for Each Group to Published Workbooks

Published: 21 Jun 2023
Last Modified Date: 23 Jun 2023


Is there a way to confirm the daily access for each user group for a published workbook?


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Prep Builder
  • Tableau Server / Tableau Cloud


You can create a view using the TS Events, TS Users and Groups data in Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud. Below is an example of creating a view to check the daily access history of each view for each group.

Admin Insights captures up to 90 days of data (365 days with an Advanced Management license).

The Admin Insights content is initially visible to Site Admins only. Consider extending access to other site users in your organization to enable them to build, curate, and gain insight unique to their needs and workflows and ultimately help them manage their content more effectively. For more information about extending project permissions to non-site admins, see Permissions.

Since Tableau Desktop cannot join published data sources, use Tableau Prep Builder.
User-added image

1. Launch Tableau Prep Builder.

2. Connect to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud, and add TS Events, TS Users and Groups to the canvas. For information on finding and understanding these data sources with Admin Insights, please see this Tableau Online Help.

3. Join TS Events and TS Users as follows:
 User-added image

4. Join Groups and Join 1 step as demonstrated below:
 User-added image

5. Add an output step and output data as you like.

6. Launch Tableau Desktop.

7. Connect to the data output in step 5.

8. Create a view like the following:

User-added image
Columns: MDY(Event Date)
Rows: Historical Item Name, ZN(CNT(Event id))
Color: Group Name
Filters: Event Name = "Access View"
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