How to Color Part of the Specified Measure Conditionally When [Measure Value] Is Being Used in the View

Published: 08 Dec 2023
Last Modified Date: 20 Dec 2023


How to color part of the specified measure conditionally when measure value is being used in the view.

For example,
the difference between the sales of Furniture and the sales of Technology is being displayed together with Furniture sales and Technology Sales by [Measure Value] and [Measure Name] as below.
How to color the difference value in red only when it's negative value while keeping the color of other bars as blue. 
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  • Tableau Desktop


1. Create a calculation field [Custom Color]
IF [Sales (Technology-Furniture)]>=0 THEN "Blue"
ELSE "Red"

2. Add the [Custom Color] to Color mark card.
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Notice that the bars of [Sales(Furniture)] and [Sales(Technology)] are also colored as well, which is unexpected.
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To fix it, move to step 3.

3. Add [Measure Name] to [Details] mark card first,
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Then change the type [Details] to [Color] by clicking the mark icon on the left of [Measure Name] on mark card.
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4. Double click on the color legend and set the color of [Red, Sales (Technology-Furniture)] to be red only, and the other item as blue.
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Click on [OK] to save the changes.
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Please check Sample-Color.twbx for details.

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