How to Change the Word "(All)" on the Top of the Filter to Other Words

Published: 15 Apr 2022
Last Modified Date: 18 Apr 2022


How to change the word "(All)" on the top of the filter to other words.
Please check the image below.
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  • Tableau Desktop


The ability to change the "(All)" word on the top of the filter to other words, is not currently built into Tableau Desktop.

Please consider this workaround: Using a Parameter as a filter.
The steps are as follows:

1. Make a filter like the below image which adds an "All Items" selection.
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2. Create a calculation field as a filter. 
[Segment]=[Segment Filter] OR  [Segment Filter]="All Items"

3. Add this calculation to [Filters] shelf and set the "True" value.

4. Right-click the parameter in Step1 and select "Show Parameter".

Now the "(All)" word can be replaced by any word you want like the below image.
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Limitation of the above workaround:
Only one value can be selected in a parameter, so if you wish to specify multiple items, you will need to set them up in advance in parameters items and filter formulas.
Example: Add the item "Consumer and Corporate" in the parameter.

Please also check the attached workbook for details.
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