Change the Default Gateway Port from 80

Published: 26 Jul 2022
Last Modified Date: 01 Aug 2022


How to change the gateway port number from 80 to another port number.


  • Tableau Server 2021.1 and higher


  1. Stop the tsm service using the ‘tsm stop’ command.
  2. Check or verify the current port the gateway is using with the command:
    • tsm configuration get -k gateway.port
  3. Use the command to set the default gateway port to the desired port:
    • tsm topology set-ports -n node1 -pn gateway:primary -pv (Port number)
    • Exampletsm topology set-ports -n node1 -pn gateway:primary -pv 8000
  4. Start the tsm services using ‘tsm start’.
  5. Check or verify the gateway port number using the command:
    • tsm configuration get -k gateway.port
If the environment has multiple nodes, use the command below get the nodeIDs: 
tsm topology list-nodes -v

Additional Information

The gateway port defaults to 80, and if that is not available, to 8080. If that is not available, it tries 8000. That sequence is followed whether or not dynamic port assignment is enabled or not. If none of those ports are available and dynamic mapping is enabled, it takes an available port within the defined range.

The gateway port must be the same on all nodes in a multi-node cluster, so if port 8000 is selected on the initial node this is the port that will be used on all nodes and if it is unavailable on one of the other nodes, gateway port selection will fail.
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