How To Change An Administrator Logged Into A Bridge Client Instance

Published: 08 Jan 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


What steps are needed to change or switch the site admin user account signed into a current instance of Bridge Client?


  • Tableau Cloud
  • Bridge Client


Login to the Bridge client using the existing admin account and make note of any legacy scheduled data sources
  1. Login to the Bridge client using the existing admin account and make note of the data sources which display within the Bridge client application. Disregard any that show as Live as these will migrate automatically. If there are no data sources listed, skip to step 3 and disregard step 4 in the next section. 
  2. Login to Tableau Cloud using the existing admin account, navigate to each data source that is listed in the Bridge client, select the Extract Refreshes tab and make note of the refresh schedule. Ignore this for live connections. 
  3. Open Tableau Bridge (using the existing admin account) and unlink the Bridge client. See Stop using Bridge temporarily or permanently for steps.
Login using the new Bridge admin account and reassign legacy schedules to the new account (if necessary)
  1. Ensure the new Bridge admin is a licensed Site Administrator Creator or Site Administrator Explorer on the Tableau Cloud site.
  2. If Bridge will be managed by the new admin on a different machine, download and install latest version of Bridge and start the Bridge client on the new machine.
  3. Login to Tableau Bridge using the new Bridge admin Tableau Cloud credentials. 
  4. Navigate to each of the data sources noted by the previous Bridge admin, select the Extract Refreshes tab for each and recreate the schedules by selecting the data source's actions menu (...), select Schedule with Bridge (Legacy), configure the schedule, and then click the Schedule Refresh button.
  5. Confirm that refreshes are succeeding using the new Bridge admin account. 
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