How to calculate the 2nd oldest order date

Published: 01 Apr 2022
Last Modified Date: 04 Apr 2022


How to calculate the second oldest order date


  • Tableau Desktop


The steps below is to calculate the 2nd oldest order date for each customer using sample workbook.

1. Connect to Sample -Superstore
2. Drag [Customer Name] to Rows

-Calculate 2nd oldest Order Date-
3. Create a new Calculated Field like the following.
    Name : 2nd Order Date
    Calculation : { FIXED [Customer Name]:
                         MIN(IF [Order Date] > { FIXED [Customer Name] : 
                         MIN([Order Date])} THEN [Order Date] END)}
4. Right-click and drag [2nd Order Date] to Rows  ->  Select MDY(2nd Order Date)
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