How to Calculate Moving Average Including Missing Values

Published: 21 Jul 2023
Last Modified Date: 25 Jul 2023


The moving average is calculated ignoring the missing values. Is there a way to calculate the moving average including missing values?

e.g.) If some data is missing as shown below, If you set the moving average for the previous 3 days, the calculated result on Jan 4 is 150 ( = (100+200+150) / 3) while the assumed result is 112.5 ( = (100+200+150+0) / 4).

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  • Tableau Desktop


Below is an example of calculating moving average for previous 3 days including missing values.
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1. Add a continuous date field to Columns.
2. Create a calculated field and name it Moving Average including missing values.
WINDOW_AVG(ZN(SUM([Measure Field])), -4, 0)
3. Add Moving Average including missing values field to Rows.
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