How to Avoid Showing [Migrated Data] as Data Source Name in Tableau Desktop

Published: 12 May 2022
Last Modified Date: 08 Jun 2022


How to avoid showing [Migrated Data] as the data source name in Tableau Desktop?
It should be the table name of the data source instead of [Migrated Data]. (for example: [Orders] or [Sample - Superstore])
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  • Tableau Desktop 2020.2 and later
  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Cloud


When you open a pre-2020.2 workbook or data source in Tableau version 2020.2 and later, your data source will appear as a single logical table in the canvas. You can continue to use the workbook as you did before.
However, the single logical table is displayed with the name "Migrated Data" by default in Tableau version 2020.2 and later. 
There are two possible workarounds.

Option 1
Right-click and rename the Migrated Data table.
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Disadvantage: When multiple tables are merged (JOIN), the fields are not categorized by the table in the data source pane on the left side.
Please refer to the figure below.
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Option 2
Create the same data source in Tableau Desktop 2020.2 or later version and replace the data source.
[Replace Data Sources]

Advantage: the fields are categorized by the tables in the Data Sources pane on the left side of the worksheet.
See the figure below.
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