How to avoid showing duplicate texts in text label data

Published: 16 Nov 2022
Last Modified Date: 17 Nov 2022


How not to repeat the specified string in the text for each data.

<Current Behavior>
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<Desired Behavior>
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  • Tableau Desktop


1. Connect to Sample Superstore.
2. Create a new calculated field as following.
    Name : Show Category Name
    Calculation : IF FIRST()=0 THEN 'This data has'+'  "'+ATTR([Category])+'"'
                         ELSEIF LAST()=0 THEN '"'+ATTR([Category])+'" .'
                         ELSE '"'+ATTR([Category])+'"'
3. Drag [Category] to Detail on Marks.
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4. Drag [Show Category Name] to Text on Marks.
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5. Right click on [Show Category Name] on Marks -> Edit Table Calculation -> Set as following.
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