How To Apply Multiple Filters To The Same Dimension Simultaneously

Published: 07 Aug 2020
Last Modified Date: 24 Aug 2022


How to apply multiple filters to the same dimension?


  • Tableau Desktop


  • By design only one filter can be applied to a dimension. However, by duplicating the dimension it is possible to set/apply two filters for the same dimension.

      For example there is a dimension called Product Name in Superstore sample data source. If we would like to figure out product names which include "Printer" but not include "Multifunction". 
             We could set two different filters by following the steps below:
           1. Right-click dimension name [Product Name] and select duplicate.
           2. Set the first filter to [Product Name], and set the second filter to [Product Name (copy)]. The dimension name could be changed freely.
               In this case, we would like to use the wildcard filter and configure like this:
                    [Product Name] filter: Wildcard Match, Include Values
                    [Product Name (copy)] filter: Wildcard Match, Only Relevant Values, Exclude Values

            3. By typing "Printer" in the first filter, and typing "Multifunction" in the second filter, we could find the answer.
  • If more than 2 filters are needed, by repeating the above steps and duplicating the third, fourth... dimensions, multiple filters could be applied.
  • Please remember to check [Only Relevant Values] to the duplicated filters so that the result would be the intersection of all filters.
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