How To Apply Multiple Colors To A Density Graph?

Published: 09 Mar 2023
Last Modified Date: 09 Mar 2023


How to apply different colors for different categories to a density graph?



  • Tableau Desktop


Use circle graph instead of density graph like the following:
1. Change the Marks type from Density to Circle.
2. Change the Size of the marks to make the circle be the same size with the marks in density graph.
3. Change the Opacity of the Color to a low Opacity (e.g. 8%).
4. Add Category to the color in the Marks card.
5. Duplicate the Latitude(generated) in Rows.
6. Go to the tab of new added Latitude(generated) in Marks card, and change the size of marks a little smaller than the original size.
7. Right click the new added Latitude(generated), and select Dual Axis.

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