How to Apply Different Format to the Same Measure Field for Axis and Tooltip without Duplicating It

Published: 24 Feb 2023
Last Modified Date: 27 Feb 2023


How to apply different format to the same measure field for axis and tooltip without duplicating it? If the data source has a log of data, duplicating it can slow performance.


  • Tableau Desktop


If you change the field to an ad-hoc calculation, you can apply different format.

1. Add the measure field to Tooltip.
2. Double-click the field in Marks card, and change it to an ad-hoc calculation. (e.g. [Measure Field] * 1 )
3. Right-click the filed in Marks card and select Format.
4. In Format pane, open Pane tab and change Default > Numbers format.
5. Click Tooltip in Marks card and edit the content as you need.

In the attached workbook, Profit Ratio displayed to 2 decimal places on Y-axis and 4 decimal places in tooltip.
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