How to apply color condition to only one measure value

Published: 04 Jul 2023
Last Modified Date: 07 Jul 2023


How to apply color condition to only one measure value.

In this case, suppose you want to apply the color condition only to Profit and not to Sales.
The color condition should be "Blue" if Profit is greater than or equal to 0, and "Red" if Profit is negative.

<Current Behavior>
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<Desired Behavior>
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  • Tableau Desktop


Please follow along with the attached sample workbook to the right of this text in the Attachments section.

<STEP 1>
-Creating Crosstab-
1. Connect to Sample Superstore from Tableau Desktop.
2. Drag [Order Date] and [Category] to Rows.
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3. Drag [Region] to Columns.
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4. Drag [Profit] to Text on Marks.
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5. Drag [Sales] to crosstab as follows.
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-Set the Color Condition to Profit-
6. Create a new calculated field as following,
     Name :Profit Color Condition
     Calculation : IF SUM([Profit])>=0
                          THEN "BLUE"
                          ELSE "RED"
7. Drag [Measure Names] to Color.
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8. Drag [Profit Color Condition] to Detail.
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9. Click on Detail mark of [AGG(Profit Color Condition)] -> Select Color.
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10. Click on Color Legend delta mark -> Edit Colors
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11.Change the color as follows
​​​​​​     *Profit, BLUE -> Blue
​     *Profit, RED   -> Red
​     *The others   ->  Black
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