How to allocate different color based on multiple fields

Published: 21 Jul 2023
Last Modified Date: 25 Jul 2023


How to allocate colors using more than one field like below?

In the example below, a line chart of sales is colored by [Category] and [Segment].
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  • Tableau Desktop


Please follow along with the attached sample workbook to the right of this text in the Attachments section.

1. Connect to Sample Superstore from Tableau Desktop.
2. Drag [Order Date] to Columns.
User-added image
3. Drag [Sales] to Rows.
User-added image
4. Drag [Category] to Color.
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5. Drag [Segment] to Detail.
User-added image
6. Click on Detail mark of [Segment] -> Select Color.
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7. Click on Delta mark on Color legend -> Edit Color -> Set to any desired color.
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