How to Align the Size and Placement of Floating Items on a Tableau Dashboard to be Uniform

Published: 01 Aug 2023
Last Modified Date: 03 Aug 2023


How to create a dashboard with a uniform size and arrangement of floating sheets?
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  • Tableau Desktop


Use layout containers.

1. Under Objects on the Dashboard pane, select Horizontal or Vertical Containers.
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2. Drag the container to the dashboard.
3. Add views and objects to the layout container.
4. Select the layout container. To do this, select an individual item within the container and choose Select Container from the arrow drop-down as shown below:
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 Or from the Layout pane, Select Container in the Item hierarchy:
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5. With the layout container selected, choose Distribute Contents Evenly from the arrow drop-down menu (shortcut):
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6. If you want more sheets to be aligned, organize them by nesting containers.
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