How to add vertical lines to a bubble chart

Published: 27 Jun 2023
Last Modified Date: 28 Jun 2023


How to add vertical lines to a bubble chart?

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  • Tableau Desktop


This can be achieved by using a dual axis with a bar chart.
Please follow along with the attached sample workbook to the right of this text in the Attachments section.


Create a bubble chart.

1. Connect to the Sample Superstore data from Tableau Desktop.
2. Right-click and drag Order Date to Columns, then select "MY (Order Date)".
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3. Drag Sales to Rows.
4. Change the mark type to Shape.
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Add the vertical lines.

5. Double-click on Rows next to Sales and enter '1'.
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6. Open the Marks card for SUM(1) and change the mark type to Bar.
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7. Right-click on the bar chart axis and select Edit Axis...
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8. Set the axis as shown below.
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9. Click on Size on Marks card and set size to the minimum.
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10. Right-click on SUM(1) on Rows and select Dual Axis.
11. Click on the drop-down arrow on the color legend and select Edit Colors... to set your desired colors.
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