How to add subtotals when "add all subtotals" is greyed out

Published: 27 Jul 2021
Last Modified Date: 11 Nov 2021


When there is only one dimension (besides the date dimension), "add all subtotals" is greyed out. "show all grand totals" can only show the aggregated value at the end of the table.
How can I add the subtotals when "add all subtotals" is greyed out.
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  • Tableau Desktop 2020.4.6
  • Windows 10


Using the sample superstore data source
1. Drag "Measure Names", "Category" to the columns shelf, "Order Date" to the rows shelf
2. Drag "Measure Values" to the text mark, only keep SUM(Profit), AGG(Profit Ratio), SUM(Quantity)
3. Change the format of AGG(Profit Ratio) to show two decimal places
4. In the columns shelf, right-click-> new calculation -> type ""
5. Move this calculated field before "Measure Names"
6. Click Analysis->Totals->Add All Subtotals
7. Hide ""/ Category header
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