How Not to Display Rank 0 on Bump Chart

Published: 25 Nov 2022
Last Modified Date: 25 Nov 2022


When creating a bump chart, is there a way to prevent rank 0 from being displayed on the Rows axis? If the start and end of the axis are fixed, the top and worst lines are half hidden.

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  • Tableau Desktop


Below is an example of creating a bump chart using Sample - Superstore.

1. Add YEAR(Order Date) field to Columns.
2. Add SUM(Sales) field to Rows.
3. Right click SUM(Sales) field and select Add Table Calculation.
4. Set a Table Calculation as follows:
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5. Add Sub-Category field to Color.
6. Drag SUM(Sales) field from Rows to Data pane and rename it as Rank.
7. Change data type of Rank field to Number(decimal).
8. Right click Rows axis and select Edit Axis.
9. Configure Axis as follows:
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