Hide Quick Filter Values From Users Without Filtering Out The Underlying Data

Published: 03 Nov 2020
Last Modified Date: 26 Oct 2022


Hide quick filter values from users without filtering out the underlying data. Example: Hiding category quick filter values for some users without filtering the category data out of the view


  • Tableau Desktop


1. Make a new sheet Original sheet, use category and sales
2. On another sheet named Filter sheet, drag category on to filters
3. On Filter sheet, Click on Server -> Create User Filter
4. Assign all the filter values to the users/group that needs to be able to use the filter
5. Drag both the sheets on the dashboard
6. Click on Filter sheet dropdown, select the Category filter, apply to all applicable worksheets
7. Sheet 2 has to be in the view but can be hidden by reducing the size

Now for the assigned user, you can see the filter values and for other users, the filter values are hidden but without impacting the original sheet data 

Additional Information

For assigned users
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For others:
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