Getting Started with the Customer Portal

Published: 03 Feb 2017
Last Modified Date: 08 Nov 2023


The Tableau Customer Portal provides a centralized location for performing tasks such as tracking support requests, managing product keys, reviewing and paying invoices, reviewing account details, running reports, obtaining special software downloads, and adding users for quick access to support.

Please note: If you are a Tableau Cloud customer or LBLM* enabled Tableau Server customer, the need to manage Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder product keys is no longer needed.  Tableau Cloud customers and new Tableau Server customers with LBLM enabled, will not be issued Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder keys.  

*LBLM = Sign in to a Server to activate Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder.


Tableau Customer Portal (web)


Please review the content below as it may contain the information needed to resolve your issue.

If additional assistance is needed with Customer Portal issues, please reach out to your Tableau Account Representative or for the best possible support.

Managing Accounts 

You can access and review account activity from the Accounts page.

Select an account to see the Account Detail page and perform any of the following:

Add, remove, or edit portal users. You can add users with a variety of permissions, from full administrative permissions, to viewing only their own keys and support cases. Simply select an Account to see the current Portal Account users, add a user, edit users, or remove users. For more information, see Manage Users in the Customer Portal.  Managing Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder product keys will no longer be needed with LBLM enabled Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud.

Manage/find product keys. You can view a list of the product keys associated with an account or find your assigned key.  Please Note that most users will not have product keys assigned but will be using the "sign in to a server" to activate Tableau Desktop or Prep.  For more information, see Managing Tableau Product Keys.   
If Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server with LBLM is being used, please refer to the Custom Admin view to see user activation history. Managing Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder product keys is no longer needed with LBLM implementation and Desktop/Prep product keys may not be issued.

Elearning codes will display under the Licenses list if this option has been purchased.  

View and pay invoices. You can click an upcoming, unpaid, or past invoice to see details, print a copy, or make a payment.  Selecting Invoices from the main Tableau Customer Portal page will also allow for viewing, downloading, and searching in invoice history.

To edit account details such as billing or shipping information, please contact your Tableau Account Team.

Create and manage cases 

If you are the owner of a Tableau product key, you can use the Tableau Customer Portal to create and track cases with our Customer Service team (for billing and invoices) or our Technical Support team (for help with using Tableau products). For more information on submitting technical support cases, see Submitting a Case From the Customer Portal

Accessing a case

  1. Go to the Customer Portal and log in with your Tableau username and password. 
  2. Click on Cases at the top menu selection.
  3. In the resulting table, you can choose to see a variety of views regarding open and closed cases or just "My Open Cases".
  4. Click a case to view or edit it. 
Update or edit a case
  1. After you have selected a case, you can click Edit Case to edit the details or go right to the Comment section.
  2. Click Upload Files to add files. See Sending Large Files to Tableau Support for more information.
  3. To add additional comments, scroll down to the "Add a case comment" section and click Comment.
Note: Adding a comment to a case will automatically notify the Tableau Support team. 


View your Deployment

A Deployment represents a named collection of licenses that are intended to be used (or stacked) in the same Product Environment for Tableau Server or the seats and features that are part of the same Tableau Cloud site. Deployments should be a coterminous collection of seats which are installed together as either an internal or external set of products.  

In summary, a customer deployment is a level of organization within a customer portal, and is used to organize a group of Tableau Server seats or Tableau Cloud seats. If needed, you can enable more than one Deployment of Tableau subscription products as your business grows.

Additional Information

Note: If possible, the Customer Portal should be accessed from a computer, as it is not currently optimized for mobile browsing.

To dive deeper in the Tableau Customer Portal, watch these helpful videos:

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