Getting Started with the Customer Portal

Published: 03 Feb 2017
Last Modified Date: 09 Jan 2019


The Tableau Customer Portal provides a centralized location for performing tasks such as tracking support requests, managing product keys, reviewing and paying invoices, managing account and billing information, running reports, obtaining special software downloads, and adding users for quick access to support.


Managing Accounts 

You can access and review account activity from the My Account page. My Account provides the following options: 

Add or edit portal users. You can add users with a variety of permissions, from full administrative permissions, to viewing and managing a group of keys, to viewing only their own keys and support cases. For more information, see Manage Users in the Customer Portal.
Manage product keys. You can view a list of the product keys associated with an account and assign these keys out to specific end users. You can also see registration history and maintenance information for your keys, and the last software version used. For more information, see Managing Tableau Product Keys.
View and pay invoices. You can click an upcoming, unpaid, or past invoice to see details, print a copy, or make a payment.
Edit account information. Update shipping and billing information. 

Create and manage cases 

If you are the owner of a Tableau product key, you can use the Tableau Customer Portal to create and track cases with our Customer Service team (for billing and invoices) or our Technical Support team (for help with using Tableau products). For more information on submitting technical support cases, see Submitting a Case From the Customer Portal

Accessing a case

  1. Go to the Customer Portal and log in with your Tableau username and password. 
  2. Click the My Cases link. 
  3. In the resulting table, you can choose to see your recently viewed cases, active support cases, your open cases, all open cases, or all cases. 
  4. Click a case to view or edit it. 

Update or edit a case
  1. After you have selected a case, you can click Edit to edit the details. 
  2. Click Upload Files to add files. See Sending Large Files to Tableau Support for more information.
  3. To add additional comments, click Add Comment. 
Note: Adding a comment to a case will automatically notify the Tableau Support team. 


Additional Information

Note: If possible, the Customer Portal should be accessed from a computer, as it is not currently optimized for mobile browsing.

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