Geographic roles do not recognize Japanese ordinance-designated cities in English

Published: 16 Jun 2023
Last Modified Date: 26 Jun 2023


Tableau does not recognize Japanese ordinance-designated cities in geographic roles even if they are written in English (Roman characters) as they are.
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How can we display Japanese ordinance-designated cities on a map with English strings in geographic roles?


  • Tableau Desktop


Please replace the order of wards and cities in ordinance-designated cities, with wards listed first and cities listed after.
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*Note: Geographic roles ignore spaces and most symbols in strings, and there is no difference between upper and lower case letters. "shi" at the end of a city name can be omitted in the case of English. So English notation can be described somewhat more freely. All of the following strings are recognized as the same city.
  • "Abenoku Osakashi"
  • "Abeno-ku, Osaka"
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