Filtering a Dashboard From Another Dashboard

Published: 14 Aug 2013
Last Modified Date: 28 Sep 2019


How to filter a dashboard from another dashboard.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server


Option 1: Create a URL Action which will pass dimensions to the target URL
  1. Publish the target dashboard and copy the URL from the browser
  2. Open the source dashboard in Tableau Desktop
  3. Go to Dashboard > Actions...
  4. Select Add Action > URL...
  5. In the URL field, enter the URL of the published target dashboard
  6. At the end of the URL, remove the ?:iid=n if it is there. Then, after the worksheet name, type ?<DimensionName>. The URL should appear something like this:
  7. After the = sign, enter the value you want to load in the target dashboard.
    • To have the target dashboard load the same value every time, type in the value, for example:
    • To have the target dashboard load the value of the selected mark, insert the field value using the right arrow button. The URL should look something like this:<Category>
    • To have the target dashboard load the value of a Parameter selection, the URL should look something like this:<Parameter 1>
    • To have the target dashboard load multiple values of the selected mark, use an & to chain the values. The URL should look something like this:<Category>&Segment=<Segment>
  8. If there are spaces or other special characters, select URL Encode Data Values
  9. If you are passing multiple values, select Allow Multiple Values
  10. Click OK.
Follow the steps in URL Actions, and include the Allow Multiple Values option.
Option 2: Move all of the worksheets into one workbook and use a dashboard Filter Action
  1. On the dashboard, navigate to Dashboard > Actions….
  2. In the Action dialog box select Add Action > Filter….
  3. In the Edit Filter Action dialog box:
    • Name the action filter.
    • For Source Sheets, check any worksheets that the user will click to navigate to the second dashboard.
    • For Run action on, choose Select.
    • For Target Sheets, choose the second dashboard from the drop-down menu.
    • For Target Sheets, check one or more worksheets from the second dashboard.
    • For Target Filters, select Selected Fields.
  4. Click OK.

Option 3: Use the JavaScript API
For more information, see JavaScript API. See the JavaScript Tableau Space in the Community for additional support. .

Additional Information

Option 1 notes:

  • When editing a URL Action, Test Link can be used to preview the results of the URL Action.
  • URL Actions that filter the target dashboard will open a new browser tab or window.
  • URL Actions that are passing Dimension values are compatible with URL Parameters.
    Note: when passing Dimension values, the ? and & are required but there are no : symbols. If appending a URL Parameter such as :refresh=yes, the : is necessary. For more information, see URL parameters for iframe tags.

Option 2 note:

If you want to use All Fields under Target Filters then you must publish the dashboard with Show Sheets as Tabs enabled. Selected Fields will work with or without tabs enabled.

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