Filter Target Dashboard Values For A Field Matching A Substring Passed With Parameter From Source Dashboard Thorough A Url Action

Published: 13 Mar 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


Filter target dashboard values for a field matching a substring passed with parameter from source dashboard thorough a URL action


  • Tableau Desktop


Target Workbook:

1) Create a view with the field to filter and all other fields
2) Publish the view to Tableau Server/Online
3) Copy the URL It should look like:

Source Workbook:

1) Create a string parameter like below:
 User-added image
2) Create a calculated field like filter button with the following formula:
'Filter Relevant Values'
3) Create another calculated field called Filter calc with the following formula:
CONTAINS([Part id],[Part id substring])
4) Drag the Filter calc calculated field to Filter shelf and select True
5) Drag the field to be passed as a parameter, Part Id in this example to Text on Marks Card
6) Click on Color in Marks card and select white to hide the marks
7) Drag sheet to dashboard and Go to Dashboard -> Action -> Add action -> Go to URL 
8) Configure the URL like below: id=<Part id>

Now when you enter 23 in parameter and click on the filter button, it should filter all the records with part id where 23 is a substring
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