Embedding Tableau Cloud Dashboards into a Website without Prompting for Credentials

Published: 09 Aug 2018
Last Modified Date: 08 Jun 2022


When embedding a Tableau Cloud view into a web page, how do I ensure that no prompt for username or password credentials is shown?


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There are two contexts, described as A and B below, where credentials can be requested when opening a view in Tableau Cloud. Both need to be addressed to ensure no prompt for username or password credentials occurs inside an embedded view.

A. Tableau Cloud User Credentials

Tableau Cloud must be able to authenticate the viewer of an embedded view as a valid Tableau Cloud user before allowing the use to open the embedded view. This can result in a login screen being presented. One must use SAML SSO or Google OpenID Connect in order to authenticate the user without requiring an explicit login. IdP logins may be presented. For more information, see Authentication.

An important note:

The default behavior when embedding a view using SAML or Google OpenID Connect is to display a "Sign in to <Server Name>" button in the frame. Clicking this button will open a new window where authentication with the IdP will then happen. If the button is not desired, there is another option only if using SAML and if the IdP supports in-frame authentication. If these are both true, then the site administrator can do the following to suppress the button:
  1. Ensure the below two options are properly configured under Settings > Authentication and clicking the "Edit Connection" link under "SAML":
  2. Set the Default authentication type for embedded views to SAML.
  3. Under Embedding options, select Authenticate using an inline frame (less secure; not supported by all IdPs).

For more information, see the section on "Embedding options" in "Enable SAML Single Sign-On for a Site".

B. Data Source Credentials

Data sources used by views on Tableau Cloud often require credentials to authenticate access to the data source (exceptions are flat files like Excel or text files or Tableau Data Extracts which only require credentials on refresh). If a login request is not desired, the recommended solution is to set "Embedded password" for the data source when publishing.

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