Dynamically Ranking Measures by Most Recent Data

Published: 20 Jan 2015
Last Modified Date: 08 Jan 2019


How to dynamically sort and rank measures by creating calculated fields.


Tableau Desktop


The below example can be found in the attached workbook, which uses the example data source Superstore.
  1. Create a Calculated Field [LookupValue]


    What this does is Index the columns, so that the far most right column is always 0

  2. Create a Calculated Field [Across_Value]


    What this does, is check each column for the value of LAST(). If it is 0 (The last column), then we sum the Measure amount, else, we have 0.

  3. Create a Calculated Field [Rank]


    What this does is Rank the SUM of the right most column in Tableau.

    For the COMPUTE USING for RANK

    Rank > Table Down
    Across_Value > Table Across
    Lookup > Month Then place the [Rank] field on the worksheet to the far most left as a discrete measure, and hide the header.

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